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Boycott Chinese products.  Don't buy anything from China until China has replaced the leadership in North Korea

The America Consumer Action Network

Take action America

It's time for Americans to take action.  North Korea is propped up by China.  Americans spend billions of dollars buying Chinese products. North Korea is a threat to our allies and to the 25,000 U.S. troops that are stationed in South Korea.  China needs to take action against North Korea.  China can no longer prop up these North Koreans who have thousands of pieces of artillery and rockets aimed at our troops. They can and must end this madness that they have allowed to exist.  We will boycott all Chinese products until they remove and replace the unstable leaders that shoot people with anti-aircraft guns.  That gives China the message that we the American Consumer can and will through the power of the purse change the Korean peninsula to a peaceful democrat single nation.      

California "Take Back Our State Campaign"

It's TIME  for California's taxpayers to take back our state from the reckless politicians who are spending and taxing us to the point where everyone wants to leave.  We will start a proposition process. A movement to stop the elected officials from further destroying California.  California needs revenue to pay its bills.  One way before spending cuts will be is to tap into the Billions of dollars of revenue that leaves our state.  We propose to legalize gambling and to tax it like Nevada does.  Yes we said it.  Legalized gambling will be a game changer for the state.  Trillions of new dollars will be brought into the state and it can be taxed so we can lower the states outrageous sales tax.    

The power of the purse


North Korea's War Supplies Shut Off by China As Oil and Fuel Sanctions Take Toll ?


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